Welcome! #

“Headpat exchange” is a collection of non-commercial, free, open-source and privacy-respecting services hosted and managed by y0nei.


My growing knowledge of Linux and IT over the years had ignited love for open-source software within me. In recent years, I’ve observed a serious decline in quality (commonly known as enshitification) of many once-beloved mainstream services that i grew up with and that played a significant role in shaping my identity.
Nowadays, it’s challenging to find a service that truly respects your privacy, doesn’t bombard you with intrusive Ads and doesn’t implement useless features that users either didn’t want or strongly advise against the addition of.

I genuinely care about the open Web and i hate the direction everything is shifting towards. So, I started this project as a hobby, not only to further train my sysadmin skills but also to hopefully provide you the best possible experience you could have in this hopeless Internet.

Donations #

I do not charge anything for using any of the services i run. No data was, is and ever will be sold. Since I’m a student doing this as a hobby and funding the hosting and infrastructure out of my own pocket, I would be incredibly happy for any kind of financial support. 💚
If you would like to help me out or you just like what i do, you can donate via:

List of services #

Akkoma [source code] #

Registrations are currently invite only, information about the instance can be found here
The main domain is occupied by our Akkoma instance of the Fediverse!

SearXNG [source code] #

A metasearch engine which aggregates results from various search services and databases.

Nitter [source code] #

Alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy and performance.

Libreddit [source code] #

Fast, light and private frontend for Reddit.

Invidious [source code] #

Lightweight and private frontend for Youtube with a Google-independent account system.